Douglas Gardens    Community Mental Health Center of Miami Beach

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Job Opportunities

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Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center of Miami Beach provides its employees a comprehensive benefits package. Our benefits package includes: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Long and Short Term Disability, Paid Time Off and a 401(k) plan. Employees are eligible for benefits after completing a 90 day waiting period.

Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religious affirmation, ancestry, sexual orientation, or national origin.


I am thankful for my life.  For the chance to grow and solve problems and to love and enjoy what is beautiful.  I am thankful for the insight which has come out of struggle and despair.

I am thankful for Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center without which I would still be in an unguided attempt to deal with my mental illness on my own.

Mental Illness is an extremely formidable foe.  I’ve been wrestling with it most of my life.  And it may be a baffling disease but I am a fighter.

If any of you ever doubt that the work done here at the center matters, erase it.

If you think your work is not important, think again.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to work side by side with all of you kind, caring, compassionate, and competent individuals.

I did not seek this job as peer counselor.  It came to me.  My dream job was to work in the floral department at Publix.  You know the saying, when we make plans, God laughs.

Last week when I experienced a relapse, Douglas Gardens efficiently went to bat for me.  I was able to bounce back faster than usual because I have just recently become aware of what kinds of things trigger my symptoms.  I am able to pin point specific triggers and realize how my brain magnifies the trigger and catastrophizes it.

Identifying my triggers gives me something specific to process and work through and put things back into a proper perspective.

I have found WRAP a useful tool.  If one does the footwork at his or her own pace… it works very well as a companion to traditional health care.

So with that I say goodbye and when I see you again I will say Hi!


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