Douglas Gardens    Community Mental Health Center of Miami Beach

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Douglas Gardens CMHC provides services to persons who live in Miami Beach, Bay Harbor Islands, Bal Harbour, North Bay Village and Surfside. Each of our programs has admission standards. A staff member will help you decide which program best meets your needs. Once you have been accepted into a specific program, you will receive a copy of program rules and guidelines.

There are fees for our services which are similar to fees charged in any doctor’s office or mental health setting. However, at DGCMHC, your actual cost for services will be based on your ability to pay. Insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurances are accepted for services. In addition, our staff may be able to help you apply for benefits to help pay for services and other basic needs.
If there are life circumstances or temporary stresses which may make it difficult for you to pay even a reduced fee, please discuss your situation with our staff. You may be asked to provide income verification and expense receipts in order to help us understand your financial situation, and professional staff will review your case on an individual basis. Ask at the front desk for further information. In general, payment for services is expected at the time of your appointment.

Please come to our main office Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. You will begin by giving us information about yourself and your needs. You will be asked to complete the following forms to help us plan your care.

 • Financial Information

 • Medical History

 • Consent for Treatment

 • Acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices

A member of our staff will talk with you about the services that we offer. You will also be told about the costs for treatment at the Center. Next, you will get an intake interview with one of our professional staff to talk about your background, feelings and current needs and to determine which services we offer that could best meet your needs. The Center or programs health and safety policies and procedures will be reviewed with you including familiarization with the premises such as emergency exits. Also, as part of the intake process, we will provide information on advance directives. 

You will participate in the planning of your treatment at the Center, and you will be asked to sign your treatment plan. That way you can be actively involved in establishing your own goals while receiving treatment here. You will be informed of the program to which your case is assigned, and a primary service provider will be assigned to you, who will assist you throughout your course of treatment at the Center.

Following intake, your case will be reviewed by a team of mental health professionals and the recommended treatment program will be established.

The final step will be a scheduled appointment for a health assessment with our nurse, to be sure that you are in good physical health, and an evaluation session with one of our staff psychiatrists. During the session with our psychiatrist, medication may be recommended, if you are determined to be in need of such. If you receive a prescription, you may be able to have it filled at our on-site pharmacy – ask our pharmacist.


The purpose of this section is to inform you of your rights as a person served at Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center. Your rights are guaranteed under Florida law and include your right to:

 Respect and Dignity – You will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.

 Consent to Treatment – You have the right to question or refuse treatment.

 Quality Treatment – You have the right to treatment based on your needs and your best interests. You will receive this care from competent mental health professionals.

 Privacy and Confidentiality – Your treatment, records, and personal information are highly confidential and can ONLY be released under special circumstances (Please ask for our HIPPA Privacy Notice).

 Freedom from Neglect and Abuse – You will not be neglected or abused while under our care. However, if you have any concerns about your treatment, you may seek help from:

  •  A staff member

  •  A supervisor or administrator

  •  DCF client relations staff or Human Rights Advocacy Committee at 1-800-342-0825

  •  The State of Florida Abuse Registry at 1-800-962-2873

 Constitutional and Legal Rights
– All of your rights will be respected by our staff. If you need legal assistance or more information about your rights, we will help you contact other agencies that can provide further help.


You are responsible for:

Keeping scheduled appointments
Complying with your treatment plan
Notifying a staff member of any changes in address or phone
Paying any fees
Respecting the rights and dignity of others, including maintaining the confidentiality of all persons served by the Center
Following the Center’s administrative rules (see page 12 of this handbook).

Very Much! Douglas Gardens is always looking for ways to improve. One of the ways we do so is by your input. You may be asked to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire. Please take the time to fill it out – and be honest! The results from these surveys will be used to improve the programs we have and to create new ones.

WE HAVE AN OPEN DOOR POLICY WHERE SOMEONE WILL BE  AVAILABLE FOR YOU.  If you have any problems, you are encouraged to speak with your primary clinician, who may be a psychiatrist, counselor, or case manager. If the issue cannot be solved this way, then you may request a meeting with that staff person and his/her supervisor. If you are still uncomfortable with the problem, a formal meeting with the Clinical or Medical Director can be requested in writing. That meeting will be scheduled within two weeks. If the issue remains unresolved, then a meeting with the Executive Director may be requested, in writing, which will be scheduled within one week. The Executive Director makes a final decision on the matter.
It is the policy of Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center that no consumer shall be subject to retaliation in any form for filing a complaint or grievance.

It is a policy that staff members of Douglas Gardens may not receive gifts from the people we serve. A simple “THANK YOU” will do just fine.

Mental health services can be highly effective in helping you to feel better about yourself and your life. Our services are designed to help you achieve your treatment goals. Your participation in the treatment process will help determine your success. The Douglas Gardens staff is committed to providing you with professional help using the most effective treatments available

Your mental health treatment, personal health information (including HIV status and previous treatment records from other health care providers) and your medical records may not be shared with any outside person unless you or your guardian give written consent. However, Florida law requires the release of information in these cases:

  • under formal Court Order, signed by a judge;

  • situations involving abuse of a child or an elderly person;

  • if necessary to prevent harm to yourself or another;

  • if you have certain communicable diseases which require reporting to the local county health department.

The Center’s Privacy Officer maintains strict standards of confidentiality and protects your health information from any unauthorized release or disclosure. If you have any concerns about the confidential nature of your treatment records, please ask to speak to our Privacy Officer, who is available to assist you at any time.

Our staff are professionals who will conduct your services in a manner which is compliant with regulatory requirements and reflects the highest standard of ethical and responsible corporate behavior and professional standards
Your treatment plan will indicate the recommended program services which our team feels can best meet your needs and preferences. During your course of treatment here at the Center, you may be receiving help from several of the following mental health professionals:

Psychiatrists – a licensed physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and emotional disorders.
Psychologists – experts in human behavior who diagnose and treat mental illness through psychological evaluation and psychotherapy.
Nurse Practitioners – psychiatric nurses with specialized advanced training in psychiatry who are able to diagnose and treat mental illness. They can prescribe medications under the supervision of a psychiatrist.
Psychiatric Nurses –  registered nurses trained to help treat mental illness by providing physical nursing evaluations and medication management instruction.
Clinical Social Workers – trained professionals who have a Master’s degree in Social Work and are skilled at providing intake assessment and therapy services.
Mental Health Counselors – trained professionals who have a Master’s degree in psychology or a related field, who provide counseling for a wide range of life problems.
Case Managers – trained professionals who help you find just the right services/resources you may need.
Peer Counselors– English or Spanish speaking Peer Counselors are available to provide emotional support and practical resources to help comfort and empower you.
Support staff – staff members who provide indirect care, such as receptionists, billing clerks, administrative assistants and all other administrative staff.

Please take the time to read our consumer board or consumer newsletter for the  latest information on the Center’s Staff, current outcomes of treatment and consumer surveys.

Your treatment will end when you:

  • meet your treatment goals or graduate from a program
  • no longer wish to participate in treatment
  • do not follow program or center rules
  • move away from your program’s eligible geographic service area

Please note we are required to report your information to the state on discharge regardless of the ending of your treatment and for quality purposes we may follow up with you.  

We welcome the opportunity to serve you here at Douglas Gardens. In order for our center and its staff to provide you with mental health services in a safe, private and comfortable treatment setting, we ask that you comply with the following center rules:

  1. Please respect the confidentiality of all persons served by the center. We ask that you do not talk to anyone about other persons you have seen or heard here, outside of the center. Remember, everyone’s privacy matters.
  2. Please do not behave in angry or aggressive ways toward other persons served, or to our staff. If you feel you are in crisis, please inform the front office to call a staff person immediately. Verbal or physical threats to the safety and well-being of all persons served, including our staff, will not be tolerated. Also, weapons of any kind cannot be brought to the center, nor kept at any of the center’s facilities. Remember, everyone’s safety matters. We are a voluntary facility and do not use either restraints or seclusion.  Please respect the center’s property. Damage to any of the center’s property or facilities cannot be tolerated.
  3. If you reside in one of the center’s supported housing programs, you are required to respect the landlord’s property. Damage and/or abuse of any landlord’s property can result in your removal from the housing placement and/or discontinuance of center’s financial contribution toward your placement.
  4. Please respect the personal property of persons served and of staff. Thefts of any kind will not be tolerated.
  5. Center physicians are here to provide you with medications to help you feel better. It is very important that you report other prescribed medications from other physician’s and any over-the-counter medications that you take. Alterations of prescriptions are a felony, and will be treated as such. If you feel your medication is not helping you, please come in and see a physician to discuss the matter. Forging or altering any prescription will result in your immediate and permanent dismissal from care at the center.
  6. Alcohol and/or drugs cannot be brought to the center, nor kept in any of the center’s facilities. Doing so will result in your immediate dismissal from care. The center views substance abuse as a serious and potentially life-threatening problem; we will not tolerate any person jeopardizing the safety, sobriety, or recovery of persons served.

In addition, the center maintains the position that alcohol, illegal drugs and any other mood-altering substances shall NOT be used during your treatment at the center. Doing so can interfere with your success in treatment, can be potentially dangerous in combination with prescribed medications, and can result in discharge from your program. Please refrain from any and all use of such substances while in treatment and/or in residence with any of the center’s programs.

PLEASE NOTE: These are general center rules. Specific programs may have their own rules, which will be reviewed with you at the time of admission to the program. All programs require compliance with those rules as well, in order to receive those services.

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